Guest Spotlight - Maria Jordan-O'Reilly

As I go through my creative journey I have met, face to face or virtually, many talented artists of all disciplines and I would like to take the opportunity to highlight a few of these lovely creatives as guests in my blog posts. I am delighted to welcome as my my first guest Maria who creates beautiful unique and organic pieces of art using paints or pens and sometimes both together! 

I’m Maria Jordan-O’Reilly, an eclectic old bird and visual artist from Cavan in Ireland and was asked by Deborah to put together a little something as a guest blog for her website. Now when it comes to taking time out to write for someone else, it really gives you food for thought.  

As I looked through Deborah’s website, and enjoyed her beautiful organic forms made with silver and ceramics, I found myself engaged both visually and at a deeper level.  

As a visual artist I really connect with beautiful organic lines and shapes that we encounter in nature and also in more ancient art works.  

There is something primal and satisfying in the curve of a simple spiral or the tear drop shape of a leaf. Perhaps that is why they are universal images, their symbolism lost somewhere in our collective unconscious!  

Who knows!  What I do know is that these images inspire me and are a central part of almost every piece I create. One of the pieces I am most fond of is based on an ancient stone carving at a place called Loughcrew, a wonderful valley in County Meath, and home to a myriad of stone cairns and megalithic tombs, most of which show magnificent carvings.  

This painting is inspired by those megalithic tomb carvings.  This art makes my heart sing, to think that the carvings were created thousands of years ago and are still there for us to enjoy today. 

What was their purpose, why did these ancient people take the time to painstakingly carve such beautiful patterns?  I don't know the answers to these questions, but I do know that something about them speaks to me on a very primal level, something that I cannot put into words.

Somehow I think that this love of simple forms, that harkens back to ancient times, is something that I share with Deborah, and it is lovely to find a kindred soul that you find such a strong connection with.  

We artists thrive in community, finding support and inspiration in each other.  Thank you Deborah for extending the kind invitation to write a little something as a guest of your blog, a great suggestion from Vicky from Way Out Far for us to exchange ideas and guest posts! It is a wonderful way to engage with and get to know other artists. 

If you would like to check out my art you can find me at

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